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Serious Coverage on High Frequency Trading

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2010 at 8:55 am

Jeremy Grant, editor of the FT’s Trading Room, has put together a great interview with Hirander Misra, co-founder of Algo Technologies.

Jeremy’s work on HFT is the best I’m aware of in the mainstream media, so again, I recommend you follow his work. Jeremy tends to interview people who actually work in the industry,  so the interviews are generally incisive and concrete.



  1. Thanks for sharing this interview.

  2. how is HFT shadow banking? my understanding is that the suppliers of credit shifted over time from banks to money market funds and repo books, and that these latter providers were termed the “shadow banking industry” by paul mccully. where does HFT fit in there?

    • Mike,

      I was attempting to express my complete disrespect for the “shadow banking” meme. Yes, if you want to embrace the “technical” usage of the term “shadow banking,” HFT would be outside of it.

      That the capital markets supply most of the funding for equipment and consumer credit is a fact worthy of study, but not worthy of such a ridiculous label. There is nothing nefarious or mysterious about it.

    • And just to clarify further, I was deriding the shadow banking meme: i.e., the mysterious spin that the press puts on the securitziation and structured finance market, not the study of changes in lending practices.

  3. A pity that Mr.Misra does not answer all the questions with replies that are relevant to the question given to him. When asked about the in balance between those who can afford and have access to faster systems and those who do not Mr.Misra does not address the issue.He changes the subject and refers to general covtrols, the interviewer does not go back and address his original question.
    Bad interview,

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