Prometheus AI Engine

I’ve put together a command line interface that allows for autonomous machine learning and deep learning using my AI algorithms:

The user simply selects the training file and testing file using a GUI, and a single core learning algorithm automatically generates a model, and then predictions. I’ll follow up with a research paper demonstrating how this one application can do everything from basic machine learning, to deep learning video classification.

I’m also working on a full blown industrial quality Python application, that will allow for GUI-based access to all of my AI algorithms, ultimately allowing non-experts to do the work of machine learning and deep learning, simply because it’s so easy to do using my algorithms. With the addition of a GUI, only minimal training will be necessary to accomplish otherwise very sophisticated tasks in AI.

The business case for this application is obvious: you don’t need as many data scientists when you have an application that can spontaneously generate models that work fast and accurately. Shrewdness aside, this will also allow data scientists to leverage the power of this application to do things that were simply impossible beforehand, and focus on more interesting questions.

If you’re interested, or know someone who would be interested, please send me an email. You can find my email address by clicking the “Contact” button on my SSRN page.


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