A New Model of Artificial Intelligence: II

In the next few days I’m going to assemble all of the work I’ve done since publishing my first paper into a single comprehensive paper, both for my own clarity of thought, and to allow for readers to get a better understanding of the work I’ve done. In particular, I’m going to cover all my recent work on real-time AI.

I’ll also discuss the various measures of distinction I’ve made use of, such as Euclidean distance, intersection, and other operators, as well as introduce new methods I’ve developed, where we can generate different values of delta for each dimension, and then count the number of dimensions in two vectors that are within the applicable delta of each other, as well as filter out dimensions. I’ll also discuss the state-space navigation and function optimization algorithms I published, but never discussed.

In short, there are many algorithms I’ve published but not discussed, and an enormous amount of work I’ve yet to even publish. My goal is to select the very best of this work, and present it in a single comprehensive paper that will hopefully revolutionize the field.


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