Discerning Objects in 3-Space

Below is an algorithm that can, in polynomial time, identify objects in a three-dimensional space given point information about the objects in the scene. In short, it takes a set of points in Euclidean 3-space, and clusters them into individual objects. The technique is essentially identical to that used by my original image partition algorithm, but rather than cluster regions in an image, this algorithm clusters points in 3-space.

The algorithm is intended to take in points from sensor data, and then assemble those points into objects that can then be tracked as a whole. The algorithm can be easily generalized to higher-dimensional spaces, but it’s meant to be a proper computer vision algorithm, so it’s written to work in 3-space. In a follow up article, I’ll present a similar algorithm that does the same over time, thereby tracking points over time as individual objects in 3-space. This can be done by taking each point in a given moment in time, and finding its nearest neighbor in the next moment in time.

Here’s the code, together with a command line script that runs a simple example:





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