An Endless Knot – 3rd Movement

And then suddenly, you’ll appear,
In a white gown,
Walking nearer to me,
As church bells ring clear –

And the Sun,
Making its way through your eyelashes,
As it ends in mine.

And it’s colored,
Blue by the shimmering water droplets,
In your tear-filled eyes.

The sequins on your dress repeating;

The beads that line your veil retreating.

Church bells echo, beams careening –

From the Sun,
Making its way to the Earth again,
Through a pale blue sky.

And it’s colored,
By all of the lifetimes and memories,
Of your hand in mine.

The sights and sounds of Love repeating (Hurra!).

The echoes of Our Song repeating (Hurra!).

An Endless Knot,
Endlessly repeating.


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