Sketches of the Inchoate – Playlist

I’ve put together an admittedly experimental form-of-art playlist to accompany my book, “Sketches of the Inchoate”, comprised of six songs, to echo the six chapters of the book.

I’m not going to provide any heavy analysis on the meaning, and instead, deliberately float it, allowing for ambiguity and interpretation, unlike the actual accompanying music, which has a fairly clear meaning in each scene, that I’ve generally worked through.

The overall sequence of this playlist is intended to operate as a metaphor for Ida’s character, transitioning from having a secret, confronting trauma, twice, and then ultimately transitioning to motherhood, and grace –

The moments when she stares out of windows, singing to herself, the idea being that the future communicates with the present, and so Ida can hear her future children singing to her, at times, pulling her towards the realization of motherhood.

The text of the book is available below –

Sketches of the Inchoate


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