A Note on Absolute Time

Consider a truly stationary object, that also doesn’t change its properties, ever –

The object in question never moves, and never changes in anyway at all, though it exists, in that another system could cause it to accelerate.

Now consider time with respect to this object –

It simply doesn’t exist, in the absence of information about other systems, that are capable of change. As a consequence, if this system exists in a vacuum, in isolation, and is the only thing in the Universe, then there is no measurable time at all, since there is no measurable change.

Obviously, we don’t live in such a Universe, but it points to something fundamental, which is that time itself depends upon multiplicity of outcome –

If only one thing can happen, then time consists of only that one thing.

This in turn suggests that time is perhaps reasonably thought of as the set of all possible states of the Universe, in some connective order, that in turn defines what sequences of the Universe are physically possible.


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