A Note on The Neutrino

The neutrino seems to be capable of the same type of indefinite movement in a vacuum that a photon is, and also apparently has a velocity of c. However, the neutrino also appears to have mass, which suggests a gravitational field. None of these things are possible in relativity, yet experiments suggest, that this is how it is. This is however, perfectly fine in my model of physics, and in fact, I think I now have an elegant theory as to what’s going on in the neutrino.

In a note from earlier tonight, I postulated that the indefinite motion of a photon is due to a different state of the force carrier of gravity, that upon interaction with the photon, causes it to change position, indefinitely, at least when undisturbed in a vacuum. Similarly, a mass emits this same force carrier, in a different state, as the force carrier for gravity, that in turn changes the momentum of the particles with which it interacts.

So in the case of the neutrino, we have this same force carrier at work, changing the position of the neutrino, and being emitted, as the force carrier of gravity. There are no issues with conservation, because the force carrier of gravity cannot carry finite momentum anyway, since it cannot be exhausted or insulated against, so it doesn’t matter how many instances of this force carrier exist, so long as it’s not zero, which is distinct.

This also suggests the possibility of unstable neutrino-like particles, because my model implies that this force carrier could also change the state of a particle, not just its position (see Section 3 of this paper). Bizarrely, it also suggests the existence of a particle that is physically stationary, and never changes state, and is therefore literally stationary at a given moment in time, though nonetheless emits gravity (see Footnote 7 of “A Unified Model of the Gravitational, Electrostatic, and Magnetic Forces“, which implies that such a particle would have a velocity of zero in time).


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