Black Tree AutoML (Free Version)

I’ve updated the Free Version of Black Tree AutoML for MacOS, the major improvement being that if your dataset isn’t in CSV format, you’ll see an error message, rather than letting the program simply crash. It’s not a functional improvement, but it’s helpful, since it’s annoying and unprofessional to simply let a program crash, though it does add somewhat to the runtime, since every single entry in the dataset is scanned to ensure it can be understood by the prediction algorithm.

As a reminder, you can contribute to my Kickstarter Campaign, and in any case, all of the software should be up and running on the Apple App Store by the middle of February!


UPDATE: There is apparently something wrong with DropBox at the moment, but I will keep trying throughout the day, and tomorrow to upload the file.

This link works for now.

If you have questions, you can email me at [charles dot cd dot davi at gmail dot com].


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