Black Tree AutoML Pricing

I’ve come to a conclusion on pricing, and there will be two versions:

1. A Free Version that cannot be used for commercial purposes, that includes data normalization and nearest neighbor, including the “Magic Button”. This version will process the datasets in Swift, and is a standalone application that basically anyone can use.

2. A Professional Version for $199, per user per year, that includes basically my entire library, and a Session Log that allows you to see the history of what you’ve done, save and load a prior session, and also inspect and operate on the dataset through commands entered into the GUI (see “CMND:”, below the Session Log screen, in the picture below). The actual A.I. code will run in Octave for the Pro Version, which means the runtimes are the same as my A.I. library, allowing for basically instant solutions to all core problems in deep learning, including prediction, clustering, image classification, video classification, object tracking, anomaly detection, time-series analysis, etc., though with the ease of a GUI written in Swift. The basic animating principle is to allow bright people that don’t know how to code, to execute sophisticated A.I. algorithms, in an interface comparable to Excel in complexity, and to allow actual data scientists to basically dispense with all routine tasks in deep learning. Though not finalized, this is roughly what both versions will look like when it’s done:


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