On the Origins of Humanity

There’s apparently some debate about whether humans come from Africa, or from Asia, and after not reviewing much of the literature (being honest), and instead conducting my own research in genetics, I’ve concluded that we all come from Africa, and that many of us migrated to Asia, possibly Central Asia, and then some of us migrated from Asia, back to Africa and Northern Europe, and the Pacific. See, A New Model of Computational Genomics, generally. Specifically, it looks like some Scandinavians, Thai, Japanese, Khoisan, and Nigerian people are all very closely related to each other, to the point of 90% plus matches on the maternal line. I’ve shown that mtDNA must carry information about the paternal line as well, since my software can predict ethnicity with about 80% accuracy. As a consequence, it follows, that some Scandinavians, Thai, Japanese, Khoisan, and Nigerian people are all very closely related to each other, as a general matter. This is not to the exclusion of other people, it’s just most obvious in these populations. Therefore, I am of the belief that humanity began in Africa, which is in my opinion based in archeology, and not genetics. Specifically, that archeological evidence of early humans is most prevalent in Africa. Below is a plot from Wikipedia that shows the global distribution of tools associated with archaic humans from about one-million years ago, to about one-hundred-thousand years ago.


In contrast, the migration-back hypothesis, is in my opinion, rooted in genetics. Specifically, that you find simply inexplicable connections between global populations, in particular, certain Northern Europeans, Africans, and Asians. These relationships make no sense in the context of known history, and instead, make perfect sense, in the context of genetics, and common sense. Why did the early Egyptians appear to be Asian? Why do the Khoisan to this day appear to be Asian? Why are Stave Churches plainly reminiscent of Thai temples? One simple solution, is that all of these people are part a single group of people, that migrated back to the West, from Asia. On the left is a Norwegian Stave Church, to its right is a Thai Temple, after that is Menkaure and Queen Khamerernebty II (c. 2,530 BCE), courtesy of MFA Boston, after that Nefertiti (c. 1,370 BCE), courtesy of Wikipedia, and on the bottom right is Cleopatra (c. 50 BC), courtesy of Wikipedia, who plainly looks nothing like the rest of them.


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