Andamanese MtDNA

Another one-off, I found a few Andamanese mtDNA genomes in the NIH Database, and the results are consistent with what I’ve read elsewhere, which is that they’re not closely related to Africans, despite being black – turns out being racist is not scientifically meaningful, shocking. However, one interesting twist, it looks like they are closely related to the Iberian Roma and the people of Papua New Guinea. You can find links to the database and the code that will allow you to generate this chart in my paper, A New Model of Computational Genomics.

Astonishingly, they’re monotheistic, and since they’ve been there for about 50,000 years, their religion could be the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, and I’ve never heard anyone even bother to note that they’re monotheistic, which is itself amazing. Moreover, their creation story involves two men and two women, thereby avoiding incest, suggesting they have a better grasp of genetics than Christians – shocking.


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